Mykhailo Marynenko

Mykhailo Marynenko

s/w & h/w engineer


Ukrainian software and hardware engineer; passionate about modern, scalable apps, security research, and projects fusing tech, art, and human interaction.



I helped invent novel techniques for providing government accreditation to online learning content by API at Woolf University. I am named on the pending patent for Airlock. Airlock combines an API with novel technologies for measuring student learning to create a complete picture of each student's learning experience. Woolf's core accreditation engine matches these cryptographically verified experiences with regulated accreditation requirements to determine whether students can be issued credits. It allows organizations to connect to Woolf by API to have their learning content benchmarked for accreditation value and matched to an accreditation license.


I am researching new ways for artists to draw/visualize using visual cortex data.


It is being used in coffee shops to recognize repeat customers and prep their orders. It uses real-time media streaming and scalable facial recognition systems; the entire toolkit was built to work on a mobile device and runs in a web browser. This project involves new face reconstruction techniques in real time for poor video conditions and new multi-regional real-time video streaming technology. Upon face recognition, it triggers the microphone and normalizes low-quality audio to perform advanced sentiment analysis. It matches people in a room to their profiles in a database and allows baristas to prep their order upon walking into the cafe – but there are many potential applications. Customers opt-in, and the restaurants have reduced their queueing time by as much as 50%.

Side Projects

AI Driven Music Performance

Spotify, Apple Music, and similar services with faces were collected before the event; key metrics were extracted and clustered, then AI synthesized music for less active people in the crowd. The main goal of it was to try to make most people active by creating music that never existed before using their preferences.

Bug Bounty at NDA

Bug bounty for one of the MAANG companies, a high-severity vulnerability in authorization-related microservice.

Autonomous electric skateboard

Skateboard that drives from point A to B autonomously.

Heavily modified the boosted board with NVIDIA Tegra, wrote custom GoPro 360 fw, and did a lot of tweaking with openpilot to drive a skateboard.


Technology stack as a library for developing semi-decentralized web applications.

Automated stock trading platform at INTERNETWORKING STOCKHOLM AB



O'Shaughnessy Ventures LLC ("OSV"), an investment firm that empowers creators, has announced that it has awarded an O'Shaughnessy Fellowship to Mykhailo Marynenko. Marynenko is a...

Work Experience

2020 — Now

Backend, security, infrastructure, and innovation engineer.

2022 — Now
Stockholm, Sweden

Collaboration with a Ukrainian artist in Stockholm – creating a real-time performance involving EEG and AI to produce real-time art in living artist style using her visual cortex data.

2021 — Now

Advanced analytics for retail businesses using facial recognition and sentiment analysis is as easy as opening a browser tab.

2021 — 2023

Cloud solutions architect, full-stack development, web3, and security.

2022 — 2022
Consulting Software Engineer at INTERNETWORKING STOCKHOLM AB
Kyiv, Ukraine

Automated stock tracking by news analysis

2019 — 2020
Kyiv, Ukraine

Full-stack development, DevOps, mobile and cloud architecture.

2016 — 2019
Embedded systems prototyping at Freelance

Hardware prototyping and embedded software development.
STM32/ESP8266/Tegra/RPi/Custom Linux Boards

  • C++
  • FreeRTOS
  • Custom fleet management solutions
  • Linux
2015 — 2019
Web developer at Freelance

I started as WordPress and OpenCart plugins/themes developer, then switched to more-modern stacks such as Web-based mobile/desktop applications (Cordova/Capacitor/Electron/NW.js), Node.js/PHP, and Angular 1/React/Vue.


Visual artist at Party in Scarlet, Blivande
Stockholm, Sweden

Live-coded (GLSL) projections and lights on stage for a musical event.

Stockholm, Sweden

Live-coded projections (WebGL) and lights (ArtNet/DMX) on stage for a musical event.

GitHub: 0x77dev/halloween-event